Chief Executive Officer

Steve Hunt is a visionary leader in the international engineering and construction industry sector who successfully grows companies in competitive project-based markets. Since September 2017 as CEO, Steve has led Carlson’s fast-growing group of construction companies which is supported by a significant portfolio of financial assets, including industrial land and equipment.

Steve holds an M.Eng. in Project and Construction Management, and a B.A.Sc. in Civil Engineering from UBC. In 2018 he received his Chartered Director (C.Dir.) designation from McMaster University. Steve has also served as both Chairman and Director on the Board of several COWI subsidiaries in the US and Canada and on the Boards of ACEC-BC and the BC Construction Roundtable.

Senior Vice President, Heavy Civil

Chris’ market knowledge and organizational effectiveness is clearly seen in his success implementing change in conservative cultures. As SVP for Carlson Heavy Civil, Chris leads in the planning for the future of the firm. In two short years, Carlson Heavy Civil’s revenue has grown over 50% and he has spearheaded leadership development in key functional areas: Safety, Quality, Assets and Operations, Project Delivery, Pre-construction, Finance, and Human Resources.

In his former roles he masterfully addressed skill shortages through attention to and establishment of a satisfied employee culture and a graduate training program. By recognizing recessions and proactively diversifying his company’s joint ventures and partnerships, Chris has been able to manage success amid market fluctuation.

Senior Vice President, Industrial

Bruce’s exposure to short duration projects for several engineering and construction companies, resulted in his appreciation and respect for the crew in the field. Living the field culture and leading by example, Bruce interacts with cross-functional teams using interactive and motivational leadership that spurs people to willingly give 110% effort and loyalty.

Currently as SVP Industrial, Bruce leads a newly formed Division. Bruce has the overall responsibility for the strategic directions, operations, and financial results, which includes existing and future operating companies in the business of industrial general and specialty contracting and specialty fabrication. He is primarily responsible for driving growth, market share, and profitability and ensuring there is a strong and engaged team in place that can deliver on the awarded projects.

Chief Financial Officer

Greg Carlson is an intuitive, strategic and versatile financial leader with insight into successful mergers & acquisitions, real property acquisitions, corporate restructurings, corporate tax planning, and the dynamic challenges inherent in family-owned enterprises.

As Chief Financial Officer, Greg is responsible for managing the Group’s finances and technology, including technology transformations, financial planning, cash-flow and treasury management, and financial reporting which includes a consortium of construction companies with annual turnover of $100M+. As well, Greg is the financial lead for all partnering pursuits, mergers & acquisitions, real estate purchases, material equipment purchases, corporate reorganizations, and debt financing.

Commercial Director

Currently as Commercial Director, Vanessa oversees the risk management of a complex and diverse client and project portfolio valued at over $1B+. Her expertise, real world experience, savvy personality and professionalism allows her to drive the company culture to a more aware, mature and proactive commercial and contractual foundation. She is a skilled guide, pinpointing high risk areas and facilitating mitigation strategy development. Her training, education and ability to push boundaries makes her a strong force in claims management and a leader in dispute resolution.

Human Resources Director

Christine joined as Human Resources Director in January 2019 and has successfully led the talent acquisition of key hires, implemented phase one Leadership Development program for high potentials and introduced Talent Development best practices including individual development plans and quarterly check-ins with all staff. She also oversaw the implementation and management of the Graduate Training Program including group development opportunities for participants. Her true passion lies in her desire for a highly engaged workforce and has initiated the Mental Health & Wellness committee for Carlson.

Business Development & Special Projects

Wayne Saunders is seasoned and well-regarded construction leader. Possessing acute intuition, knowledge and business savvy, Wayne delivers turnarounds and success throughout the cyclical nature of infrastructure development. He is a skilled construction manager, a strategic estimator and a driver of success.

Currently Wayne leads business development where his focus on relationships has resulted in mutually beneficial arrangements with clients, sub-consultants and partners. Wayne’s understanding of the market and the competition enables Carlson to form strategic partnerships and submit competitive bids. Deeply focussed on successful outcomes, Wayne’s market understanding, and intuition also led to Carlson’s formation of Sukwi7 Contracting LP, a collaborative partnership between Carlson and the Squamish Nation.