On June 20th, Carlson Construction Group Inc.(Carlson) signed a collaboration agreement with GIKEN Ltd, a leader in Press-in Technology and Implant Construction Methodology. This agreement allows Carlson, along with Giken to actively to bring Press-In Technology and Implant Construction methodologies to the Canadian Market.

Press-In Technology is a piling method, which accurately installs pre-formed piles using static loading without noise and vibration.  The benefits for this type of technology are numerous including safety, speed, economy and environmental protection. Canada, as with many developed nations, is facing the challenge of finding innovative construction methods to meet the increasing demand for public and private infrastructure. Press-In Technology allows an innovative and environmentally friendly alternative.

Steve Hunt, CEO of Carlson states “In bringing this relatively new approach to Western Canada and the Territories, we hope to demonstrate this unique alternative to traditional piling methods. The benefit of this static technology is minimal noise, reduced emissions, no vibration and a compact footprint.   It is particularly suited for dense urban areas, constricted transportation corridors and sites with challenging access.” 

Additionally, Chris Primett VP and General Manger of Carlson-owned Vancouver Pile Driving has first hand experience with this technology and sees the immediate benefits. “I have used the Giken technology over many years in the UK and believe that the challenges in Western Canada and Territories provides an ideal opportunity to introduce this technology for the benefit of all Stakeholders.”