Sukwi7 logo

The Squamish First Nation and Carlson Construction Group are proud to announce their Limited Partnership relationship – Sukwi7 Contracting LP. This partnership engages in beneficial infrastructure work in order to help build a qualified workforce amongst the Squamish Nation.

Sukwi7 (so-kway), a traditional Squamish Nation word meaning The Salmon People, represents the tenacity and resilience of the Squamish Nation and its people.  Located on the traditional territory of the Squamish First Nation, Carlson Construction Group too shares these values and traits and so this partnership was naturally born.

Our logo designed to reflect the balance and symmetry of this partnership incorporates four paddles, two for each partner, indicating our cooperation as we paddle in the same direction – forward.

Further, our connection with the Squamish Nation Trades & Training Centre provides a natural alliance designed to mitigate the challenge of building and maintaining a qualified workforce by developing and employing Squamish Nation members, creating a win-win situation.   

CARLSON CONSTRUCTION GROUP is committed to meaningful communications and relationships with Indigenous Peoples in the communities and traditional territories where we work. Responsible development takes into account Indigenous interests including their traditional and current uses of lands, water and other resources.

We want Indigenous communities to be able to share in the successes and benefit from economic opportunities associated with development. We are committed to supporting business, employment and economic opportunities for Indigenous Peoples.

We respect the connection to the land and water by Indigenous Peoples. We accept our own obligations toward the land and water, and we continue to commit to conducting our business in an environmentally sustainable manner over both the short and long term.